2013 PPC Pricing Guidelines

gold-dollar-sign-23566871As competition becomes stiffer, pricing becomes more important. Are your prices too high, too low or just right? To get an idea, here is a sampling from the 7th Edition of AAHA’s “Veterinary Fee Reference” guide. This is just a small sampling of the 443 page report AAHA publishes periodically. I encourage your to buy their whole reference guide if you find this sampling beneficial.

To use this, if you find an area (example is surgery) is 10% – 15% lower than the guidelines, it should then tell you, you need to raise ALL your surgery prices 10% – 15%. So look at the sample, then apply it to the whole category of services and products.

Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet to input your data and see how your practice compares with others. Make sure you click on the “Guideline” tab at the bottom to bring up the input spreadsheet.

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