Practice Valuation

A practice valuation is absolutely crucial if you:

  • Are thinking of selling your practice
  • Are considering forming a partnership and selling a portion of your practice
  • Want to buy a practice
  • Need to obtain additional financing
  • Are reviewing your life insurance.

You have put your heart and soul into your practice. Your practice represents your life’s work. You need to know what it is worth!

What Is A Practice Valuation?

A Practice Valuation is the accurate and unbiased determination of the market value of your practice.

How We Conduct a Practice Valuation

We utilize a comprehensive process to analyze data from your practice — including income and sales, assets and liabilities and market circumstances — to deliver a valuation that is fair to all parties.

How Often Should a Valuation Be Done?

A Practice Valuation should be completed every two or three years for owners of veterinary hospitals considering various buying and selling options. Any time an actual transaction becomes imminent, it is prudent to update the valuation. This gives all parties peace of mind that comes from determining a fair price.

Even if you are not considering selling your practice, it is still important to know its value. Shouldn’t you know the value of your largest personal asset?

Find out what your practice is worth.
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