Buying and Selling Practices

Are you considering:  

  • Buying an existing practice?
  • Selling your practice? 

Buying or selling a veterinary practice can be overwhelming. You have a great deal at stake. Without the right help, the process can be very complicated and cost you money. You can make it a simple, straightforward procedure by having Profit Profile handle the buying or selling of your practice.

Your one stop shop.

Profit Profile is a “one stop shop” for all your buying and selling needs.  We can start with an interested Buyer and Seller and end up with a completed fair financial transaction and agreements.  No need  to get different folks cobbling different parts together hoping the end result works smoothly.  Let PPC do it all which is more cost effective for YOU!.

Your practice is your largest personal asset.

Whether you are buying or selling a practice, you want to ensure you it is a good investment.  More than likely, your house is your second most valuable asset. Would you put a price on your house by yourself without first consulting with an expert? Probably not. To maximize your return on investment, most of us rely on professional guidance.

PPC uses teamwork 

Teaming with you, your CPA and attorney, PPC creates a customized buy/sell agreement for your practice. This creates a win-win situation for all parties involved in practice succession

The buy/sell agreement process begins with several meetings between the buyer(s) and the seller(s).

During the first meeting, Profit Profile conducts research and reviews options with all parties. Then, using our Practice Valuation Process, we help you determine the market price which is fair to the Buyer and Seller.  PPC then recommends financing options.

All of this results in detailed, rough draft written agreements which are then reviewed and revised by your attorney. Measured by the industry standard, PPC’s end product is the “Cadillac” of practice buy/sell agreements. This level of detail is advantageous to all involved.

Having Profit Profile handle the buying or selling of your practice can net you more money, thus alleviating your anxiety and stress and allowing you to focus on caring for animals.   

Trust the professionals.
Contact Profit Profile when considering buying or selling a practice.