Financial Analyses

As a veterinarian, you treat sick pets by performing tests and based on the results, putting together a tailored treatment plan. By following the plan, the pet should get healthy soon.

As a consultant, we examine a financially sick practice and perform our Financial Diagnostics service to identify the business problems and put together a tailored treatment plan. By following our financial treatment plan, the practice should regain profitable financial footing.

Why do I need Financial Diagnostics?

A Profit Profile Financial Diagnostics pinpoints the business areas which are dragging profits down so we can set up plans to reverse the financial drain on your practice.

What are the Benefits of Financial Diagnostics?

    • Identifies financial anchors which keep your practice poor.
    • Begins the process of turning your practice into a profitable enterprise.
    • Allows the owner to start increasing take home pay..
    • Improves the future selling value of your practice. You don’t only benefit now in higher owner salary, but in the future when you sell.


A PPC Financial Analysis helps you gain and control over your current financial situation.

Ever ask:

  • Does every month bring a new financial surprise?
  • Why am I constantly pressured by cash flow difficulties?
  • Am I making good use of my staff and facility?
  • Where can I find help with a structured approach to my finances?
  • Why does my tax return show I made a profit, yet I have no money to make this week’s payroll?

What Is A Financial Analysis?

A financial analysis is a “physical examination” of the business side of your practice. We analyze your business with the same methods and type of data that banks use. This can show you how strategic changes will improve your financial situation.

Who Needs A Financial Analysis?

The answer to this question is simple: Every practice owner or manager who wants more profit needs a Financial Analysis. It is the perfect vehicle to help you drive the business toward a sound financial footing and improved profitability. Resulting profit typically pays for the Financial Analysis many times over.

Do You Need Greater Discipline In Managing Your Finances?

Most veterinarians need better financial discipline. They also need an ongoing mechanism for checking their progress. Profit Profile covers both of these needs. Following completion of the Financial Analysis, Profit Profile provides thorough Budgeting and Monthly Performance Review services as described below.


A well-designed budget can define the success of your practice. Profit Profile creates a realistic monthly budget to guide your practice. Monthly milestones help you judge your performance and make quick corrections when necessary.


During monthly or quarterly consultations, Profit Profile compares actual sales and expense performance to your budget. In addition, using a proprietary database, we periodically compare your situation with other clinics across the country. This helps you understand where your practice stands financially on a month-by-month or quarter-by-quarter basis.

The discipline imposed by these this reviews keep you focused on the bottom line – the financial success of your practice.

Our bottom line is your financial success.
Contact us today to start your Financial Diagnostics and Analysis.