Financial Diagnostics

As a veterinarian, you treat sick pets by performing tests and based on the results, putting together a tailored treatment plan.  By following the plan, the pet should get healthy soon.

As a consultant, we examine a financially sick practice and perform our Financial Diagnostics service to identify the business problems and put together a tailored treatment plan.  By following our financial treatment plan, the practice should regain profitable financial footing.

Why do I need Financial Diagnostics?

A Profit Profile Financial Diagnostics  pinpoints  the business areas which are dragging profits down so we can set up plans to reverse the financial drain on your practice.

What are the Benefits of Financial Diagnostics?

    • Identifies financial anchors which keep your practice poor.
    • Begins the process of turning your practice into a profitable enterprise.
    • Allows the owner to start increasing take home pay..
    • Improves the future selling value of your practice.  You don’t only benefit now in higher owner salary, but in the future when you sell.

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