Marketing Plan

Consider the following:

  • Have your sales stopped growing, or has the growth rate slowed?
  • Are competitors nibbling at your client base?
  • What is the perception your clients have of your clinic and the services provided?
  • What image do you project?
  • Are you charging the appropriate prices?
  • Do you use planned marketing activities during slow times?
  • What is your rate of return for clients?
  • Are you taking active steps to bond with your clients?
  • Do you find yourself reacting to sales and marketing issues, instead of proactively finding solutions?

A Profit Profile Marketing Plan addresses these issues and more.  

Profit Profile helps identify opportunities for profit growth and achieve the long-term sales momentum necessary for a thriving practice.

We help you see your clinic through the eyes of your clients. This perspective helps you increase client satisfaction.

We also determine the total sales potential in your market and study the consumer demographics of your area to help you serve customers better – and more profitably.

We offer on-going marketing consulting and will help you create support materials such as newsletters,e-newsletters, brochures, posters and pamphlets. We can also provide an on-site visit — or help you over the phone — to ensure your staff and doctors understand and support your marketing plan.

Contact us today to start improving your veterinary practice with a Marketing Plan.