"Our business was stagnant until PPC stepped in and gave us the direction and motivation we needed to continue our growth."
Russ Anderson, DVMVeterinary Partners, Nashville, TN www.fairviewanimal.com/
“I am writing this testimony from Portugal. Some months ago I needed a practice valuation. There is no such service specialized in veterinary clinics in my country, and I decided to contact PPC…the outcome was beyond my best expectation. Mr. Dittrich was extremely professional and diligent throughout the whole process…. He asked all the right questions and for the right documents, and came out with a 100% satisfying valuation for all parties involved. I owe Mr. Dittrich a big THANK YOU. If I ever get another practice I will be sure to contact Mr. Dittrich to increase its value.”
Gisela Tyndall, DVM, ex co-ownerLisbon, Portugal
Jon’s expertise and experience has made him a valuable member of my practice management team. His individualized recommendations and advice have allowed our practice to weather the economic downturn (while) maintaining profitability and level of service. Our periodic consultations have given me the information and confidence needed to make strategic decisions that affect practice health.

Jon’s approach to advising a practice is similar to a veterinarian advising a client about their patient. He gets the needed information to identify the problem(s), then, formulates a plan for treatment, making sure the practice owner understands the needs along the way. The periodic follow-up (rechecks) are essential to assess the response or lack of response to the plan. When needed, Jon isn’t afraid to call out the non-compliant owner/manager. Jon is dedicated to the economic health of my business, just as I am dedicated to making sure my patients are as healthy as possible.

Robert H. Knapp, M.S., D.V.M.Knapp Veterinary Hospital, Inc. Columbus, OH www.knappvet.com/
Jon Dittrich and the Profit Profile team did the practice valuation on our family veterinary practice when it was time to pass it on. I just want to say, EXCELLENT. A great value, very professional, objective, and well researched. I'd do it over again with Profit Profile, no hesitations. Thanks, Jon.
Jake Boyer, DVMBoyer Veterinary Clinic, Oklahoma City, OK
Thanks especially to Thom and Jon for their candor. They both actually would have had a vested interest in telling me to go ahead (I would have hired them to do the demographics etc...as I have in the past), but as always they just offer sage advice.
David E. Harriton, DVM The Animal Hospital of Barrington, Barrington, NH
I hired Jon Dittrich to do one (Practice Valuation) for me 3 or 4 years ago, and thankfully, the number came in pretty much where I expected it to, but it also gave me input on areas which I could improve upon, and that has more than paid for the cost of the valuation.
John Daugherty, DVMPoland Veterinary Centre, Poland, OH www.polandvet.com/
" I contacted Jon to assist me with the valuation of a veterinary practice I was considering acquiring. I had a tight deadline, and Jon coordinated data collection with the seller on a very timely basis and developed a detailed valuation package for me. He spent more than an hour walking me through the analysis and answering every question. Jon was highly responsive to all my inquiries. I would definitely use him again and highly recommend him."
Jennifer BabineauxCalifornia
"I called Jon Dittrich with questions about what to look for in a desirable location to build a new Veterinary Hospital. Jon Dittrich discussed the importance of having a population that has pets and that is not over served currently. His demographic report does on excellent job of reviewing the concentration of pet ownership in a 10 minute radius, and also reviews the veterinary hospitals currently serving this community. By looking at the market a reasonable estimate of future growth can be made.
John Clifton, DVMOrlando, FL
I was very hesitant to contact a consultant for 2 reasons: I didn’t think I could afford it and I was afraid of embarrassing myself. I started my own practice in 2002; being that I’m a better vet than a business woman, I made a multitude of mistakes. I was really afraid that a consultant would make me feel even more stupid about business than I already do. I read some good things about Jon on VIN so decided to bite the bullet and ask for help. After doing a “financial diagnostic” for my clinic, Jon explained everything in terms I could understand but without making me feel like an idiot! In fact, he helped me feel pretty good about my financial situation. He made recommendations on how to improve, one of which was to hire him to help me with a budget. I followed all of his recommendations and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I have become more business savvy in the last 8 months than in the previous 12 years. I even look forward to my monthly budget meetings with Jon (although he does nag me more than my wife does). As for the cost…I honestly couldn’t afford NOT to have Jon.
Linda Mitchell, DVMCleveland, OH www.rainbowvet.com/rainbow.html